Hello February.

January to me has always felt like a transition month. You survived the holidays, we’re back at the gym, spring is around the corner and you are already thinking about summer vacation plans (Jamaica, I can’t wait)!

I have been particularly excited for February (this weekend in particular) knowing that theKcloset was making a return. To make it even more exciting, Lucky Magazine featured my Welcome article online! See it here.

In order for me not to wish too much of the rest of the year away, I am focused on what is currently making me happy. In My Week is my Friday theme post that will share with you little things that happened during the week that will get anyone’s weekend off to a good start.


(Perfectly accented nail polish, for our engagement party this week)


(Skinny Margarita – the perfect cure to any long day)


(The Super Bowl has me buying every football decoration and goodie bag treat imaginable)




Starting theKcloset in 2008 was done out of my “passion for fashion” and my excuse for being a shoe-addict.

Most of you don’t know but theKcloset started in high school for me. My girlfriends would call me before a party, date night or an interview and say “Krysta, I’m coming over – I need an outfit”. Immediately I’d walk into my room (still living with my parents at the time) and put together 2 – 3 outfits based on my friend’s personality and event with accessories and all. After 30 minutes they would leave usually with two outfits – you always need a back up plan. The catch? They had to return everything – dry-cleaned.

This continued during college and long after. After college I wanted to reach more women and share with them daily fashion, beauty tips and the products I was currently loving – all with a South Florida twist. TheKcloset was born in March 2008. Thanks to so many loyal readers, I was receiving over 5,000+ hits a day! Fast forward a couple years, theKcloset was really starting to take on a life of it’s own, along with my 9-5 job. I was still learning “blogging” and wasn’t ready to take it to the next level. It was a tough decision but I had to put theKcloset on hold.

I never deleted the site, twitter account or email. Every so often, late at night, I would scroll though the blog and think what could theKcloset be now? Well… I am not longer “thinking” and it comes with great joy to share with you that theKcloset will be returning, February 1, 2013!


A little older, wiser and with a plan – I am excited to see where theKcloset will go. I already have some great designers, brands, how to videos and so much more lined up. If you would like to see something on my blog – please email me krysta@thekcloset.com. I love hearing your requests.

For all my past readers, thank you for sticking around. To my new readers, I hope you enjoy!

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Something New

Welcome to theKcloset, again!

This blog is centered around the things I love. Originally started in 2008 (view old blog here; thekcloset.blogspot) while I was in college, theKcloset has since grown. It’s now become a place for all those into fashion, beauty, health, decorating, entertainment and traveling in style – with a South Florida twist.

Live Aqua, Cancun Mexico 2012

I hope you join me as I plan to create a site full of fun and inspiring ideas that will become your everyday guide to bring style.

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I’ll See You Later.

Happy Tuesday. A little spontaneous I know coming from someone who at one time updated her blog daily, and now its going on almost 3 months of nada. A year ago I lived for theKcloset at any given moment I was ready to tell you all about my latest find or current obsession. Not that I still don’t have a love for fashion and all things shinny – it’s just that something else inside of me was saying “Krysta, come on let’s jump!” Not into an adorable pair of shoes either. It was more like if you want something get it… it’s not going to be handed to you. Run now, hurry, if you don’t you’ll miss it!
So I woke up one morning in May and thought “You know what? I only live once it’s time to get this show on the road.” I quit my job of 3 years (Actually I gave 3 weeks notice – relax) and decided that I was opening my own business. I paid thousands & thousands of dollars for college (still paying actually) and why so if I am not using an ounce of what my degree focus is? 
Needless to say that is the biggest task you could ever endeavor, but I managed! I am not going to bore you with the details but mind you this… if you one day wake up and decide you want to take a complete 180 spin on your current career plan accordingly. Luckily I have an amazing support system, a great mentor along with wonderful family & friends and I’d say a decent amount of common sense. So now, here, today I can add to my list of ‘things I am’ an entrepreneur. (woohoo)
With everything in life you have to keep focused – never lose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Know what you want and take the good with the bad. I’ve had my fair share of bad, but the good surpasses it tenfold. 
So what is it that I do now? I own a strategic communications firm that provides advertising, public relations, social media and marketing services. I am based in Florida but have clients across the US (mostly up & down the east coast). I specialize in professional service industries such as accounting firms, lawyers, business advisors, wealth managers, physicians and insurance brokers. 
I could never imagine deleting theKcloset entirely, So I will update every now & again with little random quirks along with the latest & greatest finds. But I thank you for all your amazing support, theKcloset is going on 3 years old this August and I have enjoyed every minute of blogging. So until then I’ll see you later!
la bella vita…

She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore.


So it’s not the best photo but I tried. Working on a lot of new projects lately which has been keeping me running around a lot more than I’d like to admit. Yet being busy isn’t a bad thing these days. This weekend I am looking to sit back on the sand and catch up on some reading. Any good books out there right now? I just finished RockStar (written by a friend of mine) I’ll be posting about that next week. AMAZING. But I am missing out I feel…
Oh, exciting pics to come later this week also. Opening the beach house this weekend, ah Summer is almost here!
(Urban Outfitters Fedora, DKNY suit, Express Cover Up, Marc Jacobs sunnies)